Drama studio

Drama studios

Drama studios

We have a range of facilities available for our performance and acting students. If you choose to study with us you’ll benefit from a range of state-of-the-art equipment, which can help bring your productions and pieces to life.

Drama with students
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Drama studio 1 is located in the Gateway building and is our principal performance space. It features a tiered seating bank, overhead lighting system with a mixture of generic and intelligent fixtures, performance sound system and multimedia playback. It also contains tie-lines that enable connections to be made between the stage and control-room and also with other studios in the Gateway.


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Drama studio 2 is a large and airy space, ideally suited to running movement workshops. It features a sprung floor, an overhead trussing system, lighting & sound system and black-out drapes around the room, enabling the larger space to be divided into two working zones. There is also a mirror wall for physical theatre and dance.

Drama studio 3 is a small black box studio dedicated to teaching, small group and personal rehearsals.


Drama Studio


As well as this you’ll be able to benefit from our film and TV green screen studio and our specialist cameras and video equipment. You could also have access to the professional venue at Wycombe Town Hall, which is less than two minutes from our campus.