Face to Face lesson with face coverings

Your Learning: New and returning students

Your Learning: New and returning students

We’re delighted that we can all be together on campus again and enjoying the full student experience. Our campuses have lots of measures in place to keep you safe, in line with Government guidance, and we are asking all our students and staff to do their bit too.

We are encouraging everyone in our University community to get vaccinated, if they can, and to take free asymptomatic tests twice a week. You can find out how to pick up your tests here

We understand that the ongoing impact of COVID-19 raises many questions for you all but we have answered a lot of them in our covid-related FAQs and will continue to update these FAQs regularly.

If you have any other questions that are not answered here please email student.centre@bucks.ac.uk


Will all the lectures and sessions I attend be recorded?

It depends. Module tutors will continue to record sessions delivered through Collaborate (or aspects of them) if it is appropriate and practical to do so. However, please note, we are encouraging staff to design live sessions to be as interactive or practical as possible – whether in-person or online. Where a recording of the live session is not available, details about the session - its activities, any short video clips, any required outcomes and any post-session reflections – will be made available. This is particularly important for anyone who cannot take part in the live session and is also a helpful and inclusive learning resource for those who can attend. 

The sessions that we are providing as part of our Welcome Festival will all be recorded and available to the VLE in the welcome area.

Am I required to wear face coverings during face-to-face teaching sessions?  

As you know, mandatory face coverings and all social distancing restrictions have ceased. However, like many education providers, we are strongly encouraging everyone in our community to continue to wear face coverings indoors across our campuses. Try to take a common sense and common courtesy approach by thinking of others before deciding not to wear a face covering, especially if someone else is uncomfortable. 

You won’t be required to wear one if you have a disability or long term physical or mental health condition that restricts you from doing so. 

What happens to my learning if I have to self-isolate and can't come into campus?

If you have to self-isolate, please let the Student Centre and your Personal Tutor know of your circumstances. Where you are not able to attend a session due to medical advice this will be understood, and learning information and support you may miss will provided to you though our Learning Event Support Package. Please talk to your personal tutor if you have any queries.

How will I submit my assessed work?

You should check your assignment brief for details of how to submit your assessed work but most assessed work will be submitted online. 

Where can I find academic advice about my studies?

In the first instance you can go to the Academic Advice pages for current students. 

Will the No Detriment Policy still be in place for this academic year, 2021-22?

No, as our No Detriment Policy was written to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students during the initial Covid-19 outbreak period during 2019-20, as we moved to remote learning. However, with the return to face-to-face teaching this academic year (2021-22) we will return to using our normal University regulations in line with national expectations of standards and quality set by the Quality Assurance Agency.  So that means that assessment submissions in the ‘late’ 10-working day period, in-year retrieval and reassessment will all be capped with a mark of 40% where passed.  Remember that if you are having difficulties you can discuss having an extension for coursework with your module tutor.  Or you can apply for your circumstances to be taken into account through a Mitigating Circumstances claim. You can find more details and advice here.

I’m a final year student – will I be disadvantaged by my Level 5 grades gained during the pandemic last year in 2020-21?

No, you won’t be disadvantaged.  For those courses where your Level 5 grades are calculated into your final classification, the examination board will also check to make sure that these have not detrimentally impacted on your result, and that you receive the best outcome.

I'm really struggling financially, can the university help me?

We have a few options for you to gain help, for more details, eligibility, and how to apply please visit our financial support pages.

What happens if there is ever another lockdown?

If the Government guidance changes, we already have plans in place to act quickly to ensure we protect your learning and your student experience. If this happens, our teaching will be adapted in line with the guidance and we have plans in place to move to online or hybrid learning if required. We know that we can do this and are prepared should we need to do so. We will contact you as quickly as possible to let you know what is happening.