Face to Face lesson with face coverings

Your Learning: Current students

Your Learning: Current students

From 8 March universities can resume in-person teaching and learning for students who are studying practical or practice-based (including creative arts) subjects and require specialist equipment and facilities. This is the first step in the Government’s four-stage process to ease lockdown in England.

We are looking forward to getting our University community together once again and we encourage you to do your bit to keep our University community safe by taking a free asymptomatic test if you are back at your term time address. You can book a test and read the FAQs here.

For No Detriment Policy FAQs click here.

Now the Government is lifting restrictions for face-to-face teaching, what does that mean for me and my course?

Your course leader should have already contacted you about where your course falls within the Government guidance and what your teaching will look like from 8 March onwards. If you are already studying on a future critical worker course, your teaching arrangements will remain unchanged.

If your course is not considered practical, you should remain at home and continue your studies online. However, there are some circumstances where you can return to campus or term time address, for example:

  • If you do not have access to appropriate study space or require material from the library
  • If you need to return for health or safety reasons, or require additional support such as for your mental health and wellbeing
  • If you need to travel please print and carry this letter (make sure you are logged into Blackboard before clicking link) with you, along with your Bucks ID.
Will there be on-campus face-to-face lectures?

If your course is practical and you are advised to return to campus from 8 March, you will study a hybrid curriculum comprised both online and face to face teaching. On campus activity will be prioritised to making use of practical spaces. However, there will be other occasions of face-to-face teaching. This will be communicated via your course leader.


Will I get to meet my personal tutor?

We will endeavour to make sure that you have an opportunity to speak to your personal tutor via a one-to-one phone or video call. Personal tutors will still be available throughout the semester and there will be regular opportunities to catch up with them.


How can I access my timetables?

Your timetable can be viewed by accessing the Timetables Portal. Please use our Timetable guide to help you navigate around the timetable section.


Will all the sessions I attend be recorded?

It depends. Module tutors will continue to record sessions delivered through Collaborate (or aspects of them) if it is appropriate and practical to do so. However, please note, we are encouraging staff to design live sessions to be as interactive or practical as possible – whether in-person or online. Where a recording of the live session is not available, details about the session - its activities, any short video clips, any required outcomes and any post-session reflections – will be made available. This is particularly important for anyone who cannot take part in the live session and is also a helpful and inclusive learning resource for those who can attend.

We also have our Learning Event Support Package (LESP) is a wraparound package of guidance, information and resources to ensure that you can fully engage in each learning event as part of your module. LESPs form part of our Hybrid Curriculum offer to our students.

Why are tutors asking me to record my attendance at face-to-face sessions?

Your tutor will record your attendance at face-to-face sessions and this information will be used to undertake ‘Track and Trace’ should you or a member of staff or a fellow student test positive for COVID-19. Please ensure that the tutor knows of your presence in the session so that they can record your attendance. Your cooperation and patience while this is done will be much appreciated.

The University has a responsibility to track your attendance at all teaching as part of ensuring that you are engaging with your studies and are therefore eligible for student finance.

Will I have access to student support services?

All our student support services are fully operational, and all students will have access to support and help when they need it. We will offer a mixture of online and face-to-face services to ensure we are responsive to all our students at their point of need.

Please visit our website for all the support that is available for you.

Where can I find academic advice about my studies?

In the first instance you can go to the Academic Advice pages for current students.


How will I submit my assessed work?

You should check your assignment brief for details of how to submit your assessed work but most assessed work will be submitted online.


What happens to my learning if I have to self-isolate and can't come into campus?

You must ensure that the Student Centre student.centre@bucks.ac.uk and your Personal Tutor know that you are self-isolating. If you are feeling well and can continue with your learning, our staff are working to create support materials to help you to engage wherever you are. These won’t be an exact replica of any sessions that you have missed, but will include enough information and materials to ensure that you won’t fall behind during your period of self-isolation.

The support materials will differ between courses, due to the different teaching approaches they adopt and the topics under study, so please talk to your tutor to find out what is on offer for you and how best to engage with it.

Are students and staff required to wear face coverings on campus?

We continue to expect all staff and students to wear a face covering (unless exempt) in all indoor areas on campus, including corridors, library etc and in any office or teaching space / classroom where 2 metre social distancing is not possible. This is to protect one another and we ask everyone to do the right thing for the University community.


Should I take a COVID-19 test while I'm learning?

We must all keep doing our bit to fight the virus. We strongly encourage you to take the twice weekly Lateral Flow asymptomatic tests if you are returning to face-to-face teaching and / or mixing with others on campus and our staff our being encouraged to do the same.

If there are Local Authority Lateral Flow testing centres near your home you could get tested there before you travel back to the University or you can use our on-site centre on your return - you can also book a test here. There’s further information here.

I'm really struggling financially to come back, can the university help me?

These are tough financial times for many of you because of the limited opportunities for part-time work to support your studies. Last year we introduced the Bucks Emergency Allowance, and now we are pleased to announce two new financial support packages:

  • The Everyday Living Allowance (up to £400) to support students living in private accommodation impacted by COVID-19 to cover ‘everyday’ costs such as food, toiletries, utilities, bills and medicine.
  • The Learning Technology Grant (up to £500) to support all students who encounter a financial emergency and require support for costs for technology and software to enhance their learning.

For more details, eligibility, and how to apply please visit our financial support pages.

I don't feel comfortable returning to campus but I want to continue my studies online, what can I do?

Your wellbeing is a priority for the University, we have worked hard to make your campus a safe environment. We have increased cleaning, testing, use of face coverings, etc. Your learning is our priority and we recognise that it is important for you to take the opportunities available to use the practical facilities on offer. You are strongly advised to return to campus if your course is to commence with on campus activity from 8 March. If you would like to discuss your personal circumstances, please discuss with your personal tutor or student support.