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End Point Assessment

End Point Assessment

What is an EPA?

An end-point-assessment (EPA) is required for every apprenticeship under the new Apprenticeship Standards Structure. Unlike a traditional academic degree with work-based content, a higher degree apprenticeship includes a period of learning in the workplace for apprentices after academic attendance has finished. However an increasing number of apprenticeship standards are being designed where the EPA is integrated into the degree, where the final assessment will be within the degree itself. The Apprenticeship Standard and Assessment Plan will specify whether the EPA is integrated or takes place after the award of the degree itself.

An Integrated EPA

For an integrated EPA the end-point-assessment for the apprenticeship coincides with the completion of the degree programme such as passing final examinations and a work-based project or dissertation, and no further assessment is required.

Some of our higher degree apprenticeships at BNU such as the Digital Technology Solutions Professional Degree Apprenticeship are integrated.

Non-Integrated EPA

For non-integrated apprenticeships, the education provider cannot be the lead end-point assessor of the apprenticeship and this role must be filled by a third party from the list of organisations on the register of end-point assessment organisations.

You as an employer must choose an organisation listed on the register against the apprenticeship standard being taken by your apprentice. More information about this process can be found by clicking on the link above.