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Coming to BNU

Coming to BNU

We’re really looking forward to welcoming you to BNU. We understand you may be feeling a bit concerned about your travel plans and the extra costs involved with quarantining.  Don’t worry – we can help you!

Check out our package to help with your travel plans.

Coming from a Red list country?

To help with your travel plans, we will be refunding the cost of the managed quarantine hotel and test package up to £2,285 for all new and returning students in September 2021.

Not sure if your country is on the red list or the hotel quarantine process?

Visit the UK Government website.

Our accommodation

To help you, we are allowing all students arriving from outside the UK to arrive at the halls from Saturday 28 August. This will allow everybody who needs to self-isolate to do so before Welcome Week and before your course starts. In addition, we are pleased to confirm that you will not be charged for arriving early.

Because restrictions related to individual countries changes regularly, this offer is available to anyone arriving directly to the halls from outside the UK or from hotel quarantine (red countries). If you cannot arrive early, that’s OK, but if government guidance requires it, you will still need to self-isolate in your room for the required 10 days.

Covid-19 testing

Need a Covid test when you arrive? We will cover the cost up to £210 of any Covid testing you are required to take on arrival in the UK, in line with Government guidance.

Passenger locator form

Before travelling to the UK, don’t forget to complete a Passenger Locator Form. The form must be completed 48 hours before you travel and you’ll need to show your completed form when you check in to travel or board your plane, train or ferry to the UK. We’d hate you to be turned away on arrival!

What are the rules for your country?

To find out more about which countries are on the red, amber and green list as well as the rules for each country, the Passenger locator form, and the hotel quarantine process, visit the UK Government website

When to arrive in the UK

If you are travelling from, or through a red or amber list country, we recommend that you arrive in the UK by Saturday 28 August. This will allow you to complete the 10-day quarantine before arriving at BNU, ready to join in with all the great activities we’ve got planned for our Welcome Week, starting on Monday 20 September.

Your Covid-19 vaccination

Not yet had a vaccination? You’ll be able to get your Covid-19 vaccination in the UK for free, regardless of your nationality or immigration status. Once you have registered with a local GP in the UK, you can book your first and second Covid-19 vaccination.

For more information check out NHS vaccination FAQs.

How do I apply?

Email the Student Information Centre with evidence of your travel fares alongside evidence of COVID test and hotel quarantine. The Student Information Centre will then pay into your nominated bank account within ten working days.  You must make this request by Friday 30 October 2021.

Terms and Conditions
  • You must be enrolled full-time or part-time on a BNU taught course at our High Wycombe, Uxbridge or Aylesbury campus.
  • You must be an international or EU student. The University will not support home students returning from holidays/overseas visits.
  • You must evidence your travel fares in your own name to the United Kingdom.
  • You must evidence your Covid-19 tests booked/paid for and obligation for hotel quarantine (if required by government guidance).
  • You must make this request by Friday 30th October 2021;
  • You can only access this scheme once - the University will not support multiple trips back and forth to the United Kingdom.
  • If you withdraw within 8 weeks from the start of your studies, you are liable to repay these costs back to the University.