Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

DegreeMSc Advanced Clinical Practitioner
Duration36 months + 6 months EPA
Entry point(s)Spring/Autumn
CampusHigh Wycombe


This Apprenticeship programme has been developed in response to an emerging healthcare role, that of the Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP). It encompasses the four pillars of advanced practice: advanced clinical practice, leadership, education and research. Advanced clinical practice embodies the ability to manage clinical care in partnership with individuals, families and carers. It includes the analysis and synthesis of complex problems across a range of settings, enabling innovative solutions to enhance people’s experience and improve health and wellbeing outcomes. The programme comprises core and optional modules relevant to the individual Apprentices’ developmental needs, relevant clinical practice and service requirements.

The enhanced analytical and problem-solving skills that Apprentices will gain through this programme can lead to career advancement opportunities either in the clinical area, or in the fields of education, management or research. Apprentices will have access to progress to doctoral studies in their specific subject context, and the core transferable skills acquired throughout the programme may also open up employment opportunities outside clinical areas.


Programme aims

1. To develop Advanced Clinical Practitioner Apprentices with a high level of autonomy and decision-making skills, who are able to use a person-centred approach to manage complex and unpredictable clinical situations

2. To enable the utilisation of a range of appropriate skills and knowledge with regards clinical investigations, tests and assessments to support diagnostic decision-making and the evaluation of therapeutic interventions

3. To facilitate inter-professional collaboration and cross-boundary working to formulate a plan of care relevant in a variety of healthcare settings

Why choose BNU?

At Buckinghamshire New University, we are dedicated to equipping our graduates with the skills employers demand. We will work with you using our practice-based learning expertise to support your training needs.

Higher and degree apprenticeships are a partnership between industry and higher education institutions set up to help meet the needs of employers. They also provide a flexible way for employees to take advantage of the life-changing opportunities that higher education can offer them.

At BNU, we change lives through employment-focused teaching which enables our students to achieve their ambitions. As a small and personal university, we offer an agile approach to all apprenticeship training needs. You would also gain access to all our support services including Student Centre, Multi Faith Chaplaincy, Disability and Inclusion, Counselling, Library and Alumni Benefits. Our Apprenticeship Hub at BNU strives to deliver a supportive environment for the employer and the apprentice. Tripartite reviews are conduced quarterly to aid apprentice through their apprenticeship journey successfully.

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Programme details

The programme matches the University’s philosophy and strategy including outward facing, externality and industrial involvement thus providing students with the necessary qualifications to underpin their knowledge and progress in their chosen careers.

Degree apprenticeships combine study and work-based learning to enable apprentices to gain a full degree. They have been co-designed by employers thus ensuring that apprentices are equipped with the skills employers need and look for in their employees.

An apprentice is a paid employee and does not pay any training costs or student fees.

An apprentice can be a new or existing member of staff and must not already hold a degree in that area or be receiving funding for other training.

The employer must employ the apprentice in a genuine role with a genuine salary.

The apprentice must have the right to live and work in the UK.