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Higher Education

Higher Education

We welcome applications for research degrees aligned to Higher Education in each of the areas listed below. Potential supervisors are shown with a summary of their areas of research expertise. Further details can be found on their staff profile page which also links to their publications. You are welcome to contact a potential supervisor for an informal discussion before submitting your application.

Current research student projects in this area are listed below.

Nursing Education
  • Dr Gulen Addis (Nursing; nursing education; dignity in care)
Higher Education Pedagogy
  • Dr Dorin Festeu (physical exercise/depression; educational projects in non-formal education; entrepreneurship; e-learning; health rehabilitation; employability; engineering and innovation)
  • Dr Maurice Gledhill (education, work-based learning)
  • Dr Keiran Henderson (exercise science; physiology; cardio/blood pressure; education)
  • Dr Alan Hockley (widening participation; landscape and walking; education; outdoor pedagogy)
  • Dr Simon Lee-Price (education support; writing; teaching writing)
  • Dr Cheryl Pitt (family and child psychosocial wellbeing and health; adaptation to chronic illness in childhood; lifespan and adult development; career development and lifelong learning)
  • Dr Julia Robertson (evolutionary psychology; faciometrics in research related to masculinity/ femininity; teaching and learning of Research Methods in HE)
  • Dr Chris Sambrook (fly-tipping; counterfeit pesticides; policing education)
  • Dr Ina Stan (outdoor education; health/body image primary school)
  • Dr Kavita Panwar (entrepreneurial education)
Current Research: Student Projects

How does the ethos of school counselling relate to the ethos of the host primary school?Dr Piers Worth, Dr Ina Stan

Identification and Evaluation of Predictors for Learning Success and of Models for Teaching Computer Programming in Contemporary Contexts.Dr Richard MatherDr Kevin Maher

Understanding first year widening participation students' experience of assessment.Dr Ceri Sims, Prof Barbara Dexter (Visiting prof)

Undergraduate therapeutic radiography: perceptions on curricula and preparedness for practice using an appreciative inquiry approach. Dr Gulen Addis, Dr Ina Stan

From Police Training to Police Education: the Introduction of the Police Education Qualification Framework.Dr Dorin Festeu, Dr Chris Sambrook

How do students from a ‘non-traditional’ background understand and construct the concept of ‘self’ and ‘others’? A hybrid action research model.Dr Keiran HendersonDr Fiona McCormack

Student-staff partnerships in higher education: a shared view meaning and process.Dr Keiran HendersonDr Maurice Gledhill

Pedagogic strategies to support practice learning in specialised clinical learning environments: A Grounded Theory Approach.Dr Ciaran O'Keefe, Dr Gulen Addis, Dr Keiran Henderson

How responsible are teacher expectations and (potential) biases for present low educational outcomes of students from a GRT background? Prof Margaret Greenfields, Dr Carol Rogers, Dr Cheryl Pitt

Action Research: the impact of the implementation of a functional curriculum in improving the quality of life for children or young people with moderate learning difficulties. Dr Ian Stan, Dr Maurice Gledhill