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Art, Design, Performance and Environment

Art, Design, Performance and Environment

We welcome applications for research degrees aligned to Art, Design, Performance and Environment in each of the areas listed below. Potential supervisors are shown with a summary of their areas of research expertise. Further details can be found on their staff profile page which also links to their publications. You are welcome to contact a potential supervisor for an informal discussion before submitting your application.

Current research student projects in this area are listed below.

Art and Design
  • Dr Genevieve Cseh (psychology of creativity and the arts; flow; positive psychology)
  • Dr Elisavet Kalpaxi (photography, self portraiture)
  • Dr SriKartini Leet (photography, context and narrative)
Performance and Media
Environmental Engineering
  • Dr Farid Arya (engineering, materials, vacuum technology)
  • Prof Florin Ioras (environmental engineering; sustainability; forestry; de-carbonisation)
  • Dr Richard Mather (the application of Machine Learning to the classification and segmentation of image and environmental data captured by Earth Observation System (EOS) satellite and Unmanned Aerial Survey (UAV) platforms)
  • Dr Ramesh Marasini (construction information technology and building information modelling (BIM), simulation modelling, project management and lean construction)
Current Research: Student projects

Geographical Effect of Climate Change and Pollution on Solar Power Performance.Prof Florin IorasDr Farid Arya

Carbon efficiency of harvest wood: Long-lived products versus substitute for fossil fuel.Prof Florin Ioras, Dr Lyndon Buck

The Influence of the Frankfurt Kitchen on Modern and Post-Modern British Kitchen Design.Dr Ramesh Marasini