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Students set to Elevate their performance to a new level

Students set to Elevate their performance to a new level

Students studying Dance at Buckinghamshire New University are preparing to take to the stage for their end of year show at Wycombe Swan Theatre’s Old Town Hall in High Wycombe at 7.30pm on Friday 24 May.

‘Elevate’ is 1 hour 45 minutes-long and features solos and duets, as well as wider ensembles and pieces touching on key issues such as mental health and the emotions around loss and heartache.

Students studying BA (Hons) Dance and Fitness and BA (Hons) Dance and Performance will be treading the boards and showing off their talent.
Course Leader Lauren Vincent said: “The show includes a 20 minute interval and is an excellent opportunity for students from all years to perform pieces they have been working on throughout this year.

“We have a fantastic array of pieces for what is guaranteed to be a fast-paced and fun evening. The show is called Elevate because it is the highlight of the academic year for the Dance students.

“It signifies the point at which our third-year students reach the height of their university life and prepare to move in to the world of work.

“We are hugely proud of the excellent pieces they have developed, particularly as rehearsals have been fitted around their final assessments and course work hand-ins, and would love to see a large audience to enjoy the fruits of their labour."

Tickets are £13.50 for adults and £11.50 concessions and can be bought from the Wycombe Swan Theatre website.

Read all about everything in store, here:

West Side Story, choreographed by Kerry Newell.

Cast: Cerys Roscoe, Joanna Rawlinson, Daniela Villegas, Cameron Wishart, Abbie Oakes, Jake Kernot, Colette Adams, Abigail Joss, Chloe Hebbs, Jade Collis, Emily Harris, Olivia Vroone, Chloe Corkett, Jasmine Bailey, Christina Demetriou, Abbie Reck, Georgia Lambert, Vanessa Pereira, Emily Dixie.

A third-year assessment piece based on the musical West Side Story and portraying the conflict between the Jets and the Sharks.

Don’t Stop Me Now, choreographed by Lauren Vincent.

Cast: Jessica Smith, Georgina Sayers, Millie Richmond, Cleo Kitchener, Paige Anderson, Sasha Bonewell, Tanika Joseph, Elizabeth Colley, Claire Barrett, Lauren Dennis, Aria Vyas.

A dance featuring second-year students based on the urge to dance. When one person starts dancing, it’s contagious, like a chain reaction others want to join.

Silver Linings, a duet choreographed and performed by Colette Adams and Cameron Wishart.

Silver linings is an emotional farewell duet choreographed and performed by 3rd year dance and performance students

Unknown B, choreographed by Paige Anderson and Fiona Ademi.

Cast: Hugo Costa, Susan McGivern, Mica Sanchez, Aria Vyas, Jake Kernot, Abigail Joss, Fiona Ademi, Paige Anderson, Elizabeth Colley, Leigh Terrington, Justyna Swiderek, Cleo Kitchener.

The piece was named Unknown B (B standing for Bucks) because no one knows what Bucks will bring to the table.
You Say, a solo choreographed and performed by Emily Harris.

After three years at Bucks, Emily wanted to do a solo dedicated to her time at university. She has made many memories which she will cherish forever and this solo will mark the end of her journey at bucks and everything she has learnt along the way.

Okay Not To Be Okay, choreographed by Abigail Joss, Fiona Ademi and Emily Harris.

Cast: Abigail Joss, Emily Harris, Colette Adams, Jake Kernot, Georgina Sayers, Justyna Swiderek, Shannon Carter, Paige Anderson, Millie Richmond, Sasha Bonewell and Robin Lewis.

This piece is based around mental health awareness and was performed at the third-year charity gala organised as part of their Collaborative Project module. The dance signifies strength in unity and how it’s okay to not be okay.

Individuality, choreographed and performed by Tanika Joseph, Tatiana Ashiao, and Susan McGivern.

A dance piece created as part of the 2nd year choreography module, inspired by Bob fosse’s choreography highlighting individuality.

Ugly Duckling, choreographed by Alice Ives and Colette Adams.

Cast: Colette Adams, Alice Ives, Chloe Hebbs, Emily Harris, Millie Richmond, Abigail Hammant, Cleo Kitchener, Gina Sayers, Sasha Bonewell.

This tap piece is inspired by the story of The Ugly Duckling and includes a mix of first, second, and third-year students.

Defiance, a solo choreographed and performed by third-year student Jake Kernot.

The raw emotion of heartache and loss is an unpredictable and special feeling, one of which everyone will experience at some point in their lives. It can sometimes feel like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders. This piece follows the temptation to give up and the struggle of overcoming this feeling, a time where strength and defiance are needed most.

On The Run, a solo choreographed and performed by Justyna Swiderek.

A contemporary piece showing a fight for self-love against expectations and labels created as part of the 1st year technique module assessment.

Chill, choreographed by Owen Smith.

Cast: Colette Adams, Emily Harris, Christina Demetriou, Jake Kernot, Cameron Wishart, Georgina Sayers, Sasha Bonewell, Chloe Corkett, Jessica Smith, Emilie Bloch, Cleo Kitchener, Susan McGivern, Tomasz Semienuich, Tanika Joseph, Shannon Carter.

This piece was performed by the students at Move It this year and is inspired by West Side Story.

20-minute interval

Act 2

The Final Chapter, choreographed by Jake Kernot.

Cast: Jake Kernot, Colette Adams, Abigail Hammant, Alice Ives, Christina Demetriou, Georgina Sayers, Justyna Swiderek, Cleo Kitchener, Emily Harris, Daniela Villegas.

The battle that time foretold has finally arrived. As the wolves awaken, Red Riding Hood prepares the warriors knowing that years of training have led up to this moment. With high stakes on the line, only one side can emerge victorious. Signalled by the sound of a wolf’s cry, the final chapter begins...

Lost, a solo choreographed and performed by Delano Davies.

A contemporary-inspired solo created as part of the 1st year technique module assessment.

Canned Heat, choreographed by James Pullum.

Cast: Georgia Lambert, Colette Adams, Vanessa Pereira, Cerys Roscoe, Emily Harris, Jade Collis, Daniela Villegas, Joanna Rawlinson, Cameron Wishart, Jake Kernot, Jasmine Bailey, Chloe Hebbs, Abbie Oakes, Abigail Joss, Olivia Vroone, Chloe Corkett, Christina Demetriou, Emily Dixie.

There’s no set narrative to the piece however the dance is brought alive by the dancers energy and connection with each other on stage. The dance piece finds its worth in the authenticity of how each section of choreography is executed with correct style & performance.

Last Dance, choreographed by Leanne Garretty.

Cast: Emilie Bloch, Tomasz Semienuich, Delano Davies, Abigail Hammant, Lilly-Faye Dunhill, Michelle Charles, Shannon Carter, Annabelle Stubbs, Justyna Swiderek, Ciara Thomson, Claire Fisher, Megan Booker.

A piece danced by the first-year students, this is based on the disco era. Donna Summer was an icon and the inspiration for every music diva who followed.

Royals, choreographed by Cameron Wishart.

Cast: Cameron Wishart, Colette Adams, Daniela Villegas, Christina Demetriou, Cleo Kitchener, Georgina Sayers, Millie Richmond, Claire Barrett, Abigail Joss, Katy Wiltshire, Leigh Terrington, Jake Kernot, Suzy McGivern, Elizabeth Colley, Sasha Bonewell, Emily Harris

Royals is a Latin and Commercial fusion piece.

Puppet Dreams, a solo choreographed and performed by Tomasz Semienuich.

A jazz-based movement portraying lack of control within your sleep created as part of the first-year technique module assessment.

The Secret, choreographed and performed by Elizabeth Colley, Sasha Bonewell and Georgina Sayers.

This piece is based around an aural score and uses minimalistic movement. It was created as part of the second-year choreography module originating from simple, everyday movement, similar to De Keersmaeker's choreographic approach in Rosa Danst Rosas.

You Ain’t Never had a Friend Like Me, choreographed and performed by Emily Harris and Jake Kernot.

This is Jake and Emily's third duet together from their time at bucks. They wanted to step into a different style of jazz to showcase the diversity they have as individuals and as a duo. It is an uplifting, goofy, characterful number which they hope brings a smile to everyone’s faces.

I Thought I Knew You, Why the Sudden Change?, a solo choreographed and performed by Emilie Bloch.

A modern jazz solo created as part of the 1st year technique module assessment.

EgoMania, choreographed by Emily Harris Cast: Emily Harris, Jake Kernot, Colette Adams, Shannon Carter, Cleo Kitchener, Georgina Sayers, Katie Wiltshire, Daniela Villegas, Abigail Joss, Elizabeth Colley, Jessica Smith, Christina Demetriou and Abbie Reck

This jazz piece was inspired by the feeling of confidence and vanity. It is a sassy and exciting piece with high energy and lots of dynamics.

Finale choreographed by Lindsay McAllister.

Picture captions:

First: Colette Adams and Cameron Wishart,

Second: Elizabeth Colley, Sasha Bonewell and Georgina Sayers.

Third: Emily Harris and Jake Kernot.

Fourth: Some of the third-year students Jake Kernot, Cameron Wishart, Christina Demetriou, Abigail Reck, Georgia Lambert, Colette Adams, Chloe Corkett, Chloe Hebbs, Jasmine Bailey, Daniela Villegas and Abigail Joss.