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Fashion Design students work with singer BETSY

Fashion Design students work with singer BETSY

Fashion Design students have worked with up-and-coming singer BETSY on the set of a photoshoot for her new album cover in Hampstead, London.

Third-year students Katherine Messider

BETSY, whose real name is Elizabeth Humfrey, has previously worked at Balenciaga in Paris as a designer, has enjoyed several tours, and performed on the main stage at Pride in London in 2017.

Fashion Lecturer Tony Green said: “The experience is extremely valuable and a strong link for building Katherine and Tulia’s CVs and profiles.

“Keeping connections with industry is something very important to the Fashion Design course.


Giving opportunity and encouraging the students to stay well-connected and aware of current talents is a priority.

“The students will have gained a great insight into working with fashion professionals and what it is like to work with a creative team in industry.

“BETSY’s background in fashion at Balenciaga Paris has allowed her to have a strong creative input in to the look and aesthetics of her music video and image, so it was extremely beneficial for students to work with her.”

BETSY, who has also featured on the digital front cover of influential fashion magazine, V, said of Katherine and Tulia: “They were such an incredible help and an important part of the team, plus it was really fun to have them along for the ride!

“We couldn’t have done it without them!”

Katherine said: “It was a fantastic day. I learnt a lot about the inner workings of organising a photoshoot and how even an intern assistant like myself can be a vital part of helping the team achieve the perfect shot.

“The team were so welcoming and friendly too. It's by far the best project I've ever had the honour of being a part of.”

Tulia added: “I learnt a lot about what happens behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot and all the different roles involved. It was a great day and we all had lots of fun organising everything, as well as getting some great shots.”

Katherine and Tulia have also had the opportunity to sell items in Eden Shopping Centre as part of their degrees.

Picture caption: Katherine Messider and Tulia Rooney with BETSY at the photoshoot in Hampstead Heath.