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Bucks graduate's illustrations help bring lockdown children's books to life

Bucks graduate's illustrations help bring lockdown children's books to life

A Buckinghamshire New University Graphic Design graduate says she feels she has a 'footing in the industry' after enjoying a role as illustrator, concept artist, and layout designer for a series of children's books.

Elise Smith helped bring to life Alfie & Alexa in Lockdown and Alfie & Alexa: When Mummy was in Lockdown by author Linda Cartwright, stories about two children in lockdown and all the feelings that brings about.

Elise said: "I'm so very excited about this and extremely pleased with how the illustrations have turned out. I would like to think they complement the books nicely and help to bring the story and characters alive.

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"Throughout the making of these books the author and I would chat and dream about what would happen after it was done and I am so pleased with the feedback we have got for this."

Elise was already friends with Linda Cartwright and said she was pleased to be approached to do the work.

"It's been amazing having my first freelance job since finishing university and getting my footing in the industry, and also getting to work with such a dear friend," added Elise.

"I was delighted just to have been in mind to illustrate the books, but I really enjoyed the draft of the books and thought of how wonderful it would be for a child to have something to remember this time by and a way to record their feelings whether it be bad or good. It is something to reflect back on when they are older."

In Alfie & Alexa in Lockdown, Alfie is very grumpy and frustrated and Alexa is really enjoying the time out from normality.

The book invites readers to explore with them and experience history in the making, from two different perspectives. At its back, the book includes four pages of A4 for readers to record their own personal experiences and pictures of the 2020 lockdown.

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Cartwright said Elise's illustrations 'far exceeded' her expectations.

She added: "Elise's illustrations were clear and consistent, simply detailed, and perfect for my audience.

"Elise's work is professional and she was also able to manage within the tight deadlines we had.

"The art is what I would expect of a professional illustrator despite it being her first commissioned piece.

"I was delighted to be able to work with her and am looking forward to working with her again." See more about the Alfie & Alexa books on Facebook.