Social distance lesson

Moving around campus

Moving around campus

Our facilities are open in line with the latest UK Government’s advice and we've made sure they’re COVID-secure to ensure the safety of our University community.

What are you doing to make the campuses COVID-secure?

Our facilities are open in line with the latest UK Government’s advice and we've made sure they’re COVID-secure. Measures include:

  • Screens at receptions, help desks and catering counters
  • Self-thermal camera scanners
  • Frequent cleaning at all locations throughout each day and ready supplies of sanitiser
  • Enhanced cleaning of contact points such as door handles, banisters and toilets
Do I have to wear a face-covering on campus?

As you know, mandatory face coverings and all social distancing restrictions have ceased. However, like many education providers, we are strongly encouraging everyone in our community to continue to wear face coverings indoors across our campuses. Please be courteous and try as much as you can to respect the wishes of those who may be feeling anxious. Try to take a common sense and common courtesy approach by thinking of others before deciding not to wear a face covering, especially if someone else is uncomfortable.

You won’t be required to wear one if you have a disability or long term physical or mental health condition that restricts you from doing so.

What is the 'Be BNU Safe' pledge?

We are asking students to agree to a set of COVID-secure behaviours to protect themselves, those around them and the wider BNU community. By all working together and looking out for one another we can help keep our campuses safe. You can find out more about this pledge on our website.

Do I have to socially distance on campus?

We are all aware of the benefits of maintaining social distance from others wherever possible. However, now that social distancing restrictions have lifted, we ask that you still continually assess the risk and the comfort of others when moving around campus. 

How do I use the thermal camera scanner located at High Wycombe Gateway and Uxbridge Receptions?

These are self-check scanners.

The scanner will confirm if your temperature is normal or too high. If your temperature registers as too high/abnormal, please leave the building and wait for five minutes and re-test. If the second reading is too high/abnormal then you must leave the site immediately, self-isolate, contact NHS 111 and inform the Student Centre of the situation.

Posters with these instructions are provided near each scanner. A forehead temperature device is available at the Aylesbury Reception.

What should I be doing to help keep equipment that others may have used/I have used clean?

We will be providing cleaning supplies in key locations for you to clean keyboards and kit that others may have used. We also remind you to sanitise or wash your hands regularly, and not touch your face or eyes to reduce the risk.

What else can I do to keep my campus safe?

Please remember to wash/sanitise your hands regularly by applying sanitiser gel or washing with soap and water thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. Avoid touching your face. Please consider what you handle and what you share with others. If you cannot avoid sharing items, make sure you clean them where possible.

Are the water coolers safe to use?

Yes. All water coolers have been sanitised by our supplier and we ensure legionella precautions are in place. We ask people to sanitise their hands before using the coolers.

Units are designed so that the user presses a button to dispense water and does not need to touch the water cooler itself.

What if the University's campuses are required to close again because of COVID-19?

We hope that our campuses will not need to close again as we are putting in place measures to keep our University community COVID-secure. However, the University has plans in place for responding to any rise cases and will work with public health colleagues to respond to the situation should it arise.

Two students wearing face coverings
Student wearing glasses and a mask sat at a desk with a pen in her hand