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Workshops to help you get ready for university

Getting ready to study at university

Studying at university not only offers you an opportunity to get a really good understanding of your subject, but also to develop new skills and ways of thinking. Getting to grips with the some of the practicalities of study, particularly in understanding the processes of preparing to write an assignment, is an important part of this new experience.

With this in mind, the team at Student Learning and Achievement (SLA) provides two types of 'Headstart' workshops before the start of the academic year in September, developed specifically to meet the needs of new students. These will help you to develop your academic skills and start thinking like a university student. One will be held on-campus and two will be online.



These Headstart workshops are suitable for all students, whether you’re coming straight from A-Levels or other qualifications, or if it has been a long time since you last studied. It is suitable for both UK and international students, however it is not available for with Foundation Year students. Nursing students are welcome although you should give priority to attending the Academic Orientation for BSc (Hons) course offered. A maximum of 40 students can attend these Headstart sessions, whether online or on-campus.

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On-campus workshop

The on-campus workshop is structured around the process of engaging with a university assignment, from understanding the assessed task, through to research, planning and writing. You will discuss and interpret an assignment brief and explore how to plan your essay and paragraph structure. A range of texts will be provided as part of your research activity, culminating in being provided the opportunity to write a draft of a short essay in one of the computer rooms, receiving advice and support as you do so and then gaining formative feedback for it. The workshop also gives you the opportunity to meet other students and explore some of the campus facilities.

Online workshops

The online workshops are shorter, but nevertheless similar, to the on-campus ones apart from the research element and writing of your draft which will be in your own time after the session, but still being able to submit and receive formative feedback on it. The workshops will also provide you with the opportunity to experience engaging with our Virtual Learning Environment, Blackboard Collaborate, which we use for our virtual, real-time lectures and seminars.

Two of our highly experienced Student Learning and Achievement tutors will deliver these Headstart sessions.

The Headstart workshops are free to attend. Times available to be booked are as follows (only one session available per person):

Dates of sessions


Tuesday 6 September


10am – 12pm

Wednesday 7 September 


10am – 4pm

Thursday 8 September


1pm – 3pm




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Email for more information as to the support we provide to enrolled students at BNU.

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