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Information for International students

Information for International students

I am a student abroad travelling back to the UK, what should I do?

The Government has introduced a new Red, Amber, Green classification for overseas countries, and the rules as to what you must do when arriving in the England differ depending on the country you have travelled from.

People who have been in – or transited through – Red list countries in the last 10 days will not be granted access to the UK. This does not include British and Irish Nationals, or third country nationals with residence rights in the UK, who will be able to enter the UK. People with residence rights include holders of an entry visa meaning that you are still able to enter the UK with a student visa.

Countries and territories can be moved between lists if conditions change so you should consult the Government guidance before you make travel plans to determine what applies to you at the time.   

Depending on your pint of origin you may need to take COVID tests before travel to prove a negative result and book and pay in advance for a specific test package (Quarantine hotel, 2x tests or single test package) and then isolate on arrival in the UK.

If you are a student abroad and are travelling back to the UK, you should

What does Quarantine Self-isolation mean?

You’ll need to self-isolate and take two COVID-19 tests (day 2 and day 8) using your travel testing package. You must remain in your accommodation. This is a legal requirement and breaches of the rules carry penalties of significant police fines.

Please notify the Student Centre so that they can ensure that you are supported through your quarantine.

While you are in your quarantine:

  • Order online and get your food delivered. Do not go out shopping even for food.
  • Do not go out to meet others or allows non household members into your accommodation
  • Continue your studies online – do not leave your accommodation to come onto campus
  • Contact the Student Centre if you need financial support – you are not able to go out to your place of work
  • Exercise in your accommodation or take part in online gym sessions

Once you have completed your isolation period, you are strongly encouraged to take the free weekly lateral flow tests at the University testing centre if you live in halls or are coming onto our campuses for self-study, practical work or face-to-face teaching. This will protect you, your fellow students, university staff and the local community – read more here.

You must not go for lateral flow tests until you have competed your full quarantine period.

Can I get any financial support for travel testing and quarantine?

Please contact the Student Centre for further information and Guidance.