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Further Information for students graduating and their guests

Further Information for students graduating and their guests

Eligibility for graduation


If you think you are eligible to graduate in September 2022 and have tried to register for Graduation but were unable to, please contact the graduation team on 01494 603091 or by email at graduation@bucks.ac.uk.

If you are not made an award of the University at the summer Board of Examiners you will not be able to graduate. For example, if you are granted reassessment you will not be made an award and will not be able to graduate. In this event, you will be refunded for any guest tickets purchased and you will be invited to the next scheduled graduation event following the successful completion of your course.

Additional Support at your graduation ceremonies


If you (graduand) or your guests have special access requirements e.g. sitting in a wheelchair, walking difficulties, sight or hearing considerations, you must provide this information when you register to attend your ceremony. We will then contact you to discuss how we will assist you using the contact details on your student record.

Please note during the ceremony you (the graduand) will cross the stage in the Swan Theatre and shake hands with the Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor. You will be required to go up 6 steps and then down 6 steps on the other side of the stage. Both sets of steps have a handrail on the right side. Alternative access to the stage can be arranged for you if required, so please include a brief description of your requirements.

Graduands - We will endeavour to keep you seated with other graduands. Regardless of where you are seated you will be presented on stage alongside graduands from your cohort.

Guests – When booking online, you will be asked if your guests have any access requirements to enable us to provide appropriate seats. If your guest is in a wheelchair please be sure to order a wheelchair ticket.

Depending on your guest’s needs, suitable seating can be reserved for them. There are a number of designated wheelchair spaces throughout the venue. There are also areas that are accessible with no steps and a lift is available for access to higher levels. We will endeavour to keep your guests seated together, although depending on the number and availability, this may not always be possible. We would however keep them in close proximity to each other. If additional tickets are purchased later in the booking process, the turnaround time may be too tight to satisfy the more complex arrangements for extra guests with mobility/disability requirements.

Academic Appeal


If you are in the process of making an academic appeal, you can still graduate as long as you have been made an award of the University by the Board of Examiners.



Your graduation is a celebration of your achievements and a formal occasion so you need to wear the appropriate academic dress (consisting of robe, hood and hat which collectively we call the gown) which is mandatory for the ceremony.

A graduand must wear a Buckinghamshire New University gown appropriate to the level of qualification for which they are being presented, even if the student already holds a higher qualification.

PhDs are awards of Coventry or Staffordshire University.

Students are not entitled to wear a University hood or attend graduation unless they have been made an award of the University.

Gowns can be hired from our nominated supplier, Ede & Ravenscroft. It is important to note Ede & Ravenscroft require 3 weeks’ notice to hire a gown so you need to order in plenty of time. Students arriving in inappropriate academic dress or not gowned will be unable to join the ceremony and will not be presented for their award during the ceremony.

You can visit the Ede & Ravenscroft website to hire your gown at www.gownhire.co.uk or call 0370 242 1170.

When booking your gown please have the following details ready:

  • Height
  • Hat size (circumference of your head taken just above the ears)
  • Chest/bust measurement
  • Qualification (e.g. Foundation Degree, BA (Hons), MSc)
  • Date and time of your ceremony

Collecting your gown

The gown will be delivered to the Buckinghamshire New University Campus in High Wycombe. You will be able to collect it as part of the arrival and registration process detailed in What to Do on the Day

Dress Code

This is a formal occasion and we ask that you dress smart for the day. However there is no formal dress code beyond the requirement for the above detailed academic dress.

Military uniform or national dress can be worn as long as the academic robe, hood and hat are able to be worn with it.

Returning your gown

You must return your gown to The Gateway building on the High Wycombe campus by 5.30pm on the day of your ceremony.

Cancelling your gown

If you are unable to attend your ceremony after placing an order for gown hire, you must contact Ede & Ravenscroft at least seven working days before the date of the ceremony to cancel your order.

Dress Code


This is a formal occasion and we ask that graduands and guests dress smart for the day. However there is no formal dress code beyond the requirement for the above detailed academic dress for the graduand.

Military uniform or national dress can be worn by graduands as long as the academic robe, hood and hat are able to be worn with it.



If you are an overseas student and require a visa to enter the UK or if you intend to invite guests from abroad who will need a visa to enter the UK please download a visa support letter request form. You will need to complete the form and email it to graduation@bucks.ac.uk.

We cannot process the visa letter request form unless you have completed your online registration and paid for your guest tickets. Once the University receives the visa request and your award has been confirmed by the Board of Examiners, a letter on University headed paper, addressed to the relevant British High Commission or Embassy  confirming your eligibility to graduate, will be sent to you. If the visa letter request form relates to guests, you will need to pass it on to them, we cannot send it direct to them. Please also note we will only state the name of the student & confirm the number of guests they have purchased tickets for and cannot put the names of individual guests on the supporting letter we provide.

We aim to send the letter out within 10 working days of the form being received.

Please allow plenty of time for your visa request to be dealt with by the High Commission or British Embassy as in some cases it can take several weeks to process a visa application. We recommend you request this letter no later than 1st July 2022.



If you have won an external award this will be announced as your name is read out and you are presented to the University official(s) during the ceremony.

If you have won a University award you will be notified in writing in advance of the ceremony. The award will be announced as your name is read out and you are presented to the University official(s) during the ceremony. You will then be able to collect your prize after the ceremony from the Help Desk in the Swan Theatre Foyer.

Data protection


The graduation ceremonies are regarded as public events. The University will be taking photographs throughout the ceremonies for use in future publications on the University's website and for marketing materials. We may also film the ceremony for live streaming and/or viewing on a social media platform such as You Tube after the event. In attending the ceremony you are agreeing to be filmed.

Student names and IDs will be made available to the designated gown supplier to enable them to issue the gowns. They will hold this information only for as long as it is required under data protection guidance.

Any data relating to special access that you share with us to help plan the day is kept in the strictest confidence.

In addition, Student names and the course title (including those graduating in absentia) are published in the graduation programme and may be on graduation merchandise; however your degree classification is not published.

For more information about how the University processes your data please visit our Data Protection section

I do not want my details published


DEADLINE – Friday 1st July 2022

If you object to the publication of your personal data (name and course title) in the graduation programme and on graduation merchandise please email graduation@bucks.ac.uk. Please clearly mark your e-mail in the subject title with the words ‘I do not want my details published’. We will respond to you to confirm receipt of the e-mail.



You are advised to clear any outstanding debts via epayments as soon as you can.

You will be sent a statement of your account during the final term. It is your responsibility to ensure that you talk to our finance department about any outstanding payments and clear your account in full before graduation. Please ring the Student Centre on 01494 603 020 or the Finance Department on 01494 605 083 to find out more about your account and seek advice. Alternatively you can email us at thestudentcentre@bucks.ac.uk

Refunds for Student and/or Guest Tickets


If you or your guests are unable to attend graduation we will cancel your ticket and a refund for any guest tickets may be available. A refund will only be made if you cancel by emailing graduation@bucks.ac.uk by 12noon on Friday 19th August 2022. Refunds will not be given after this date unless in exceptional circumstances and evidence is provided.

If you buy tickets and then find you have not been made an award by the Board of Examiners in the summer, you will not be able to graduate. For example, if you have been granted reassessment. In this event, a refund for the tickets will be made.



We may choose to film the graduation ceremonies for live streaming or for publishing after the event on social media site such as You Tube. We cannot guarantee at this point which ceremonies, if any, will be filmed in 2022. However, when booking for yourself, the graduand, and any guests, you will be asked to confirm that by purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to be filmed. When we have further details relating to this we will provide the full details on this website.


Additional tickets above initial allocation


Additional tickets, above your initial allocation may be available for your ceremony. These will be announced once the main booking period has closed via e-mail and the University website. We do not hold a waiting list for additional tickets, they will be offered on a first come first served basis from 12noon on Friday 5th August if available. We will then close to all ticket bookings on 12noon on Thursday 11th August 2022. If any guest tickets remain after that date they will be available to purchase on the day of the ceremony.