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Why did I choose Bucks New University?

Why did I choose Bucks New University?

Like many of my peers, my lifelong goal has always involved being at the controls of an aircraft, chasing the astounding views as I fly over multiple countries in one flight. Whilst traditionally, many aspiring pilots go straight to flight school, an equally longing dream of mine was to hold a bachelor’s degree and graduate from university.

When searching for undergraduate courses that incorporated aviation, it began to look like I would be torn between going straight into flight training to pursue my career or delaying my training to engage in my academic ambition. That was until I found Bucks New University.


After visiting a higher education fair, I was presented with a prospectus detailing the aviation courses offered at Bucks. Immediately, my worries about my future disappeared and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. The course embedded aviation into each module, as well as providing me with a clear path towards flight training.

Days later, I booked an open day where I visited the university campus. Here I was able to speak to course leaders and current students on the course. As well as this, I was invited to attend a presentation detailing an overview of what the course was like. I quickly began to fall in love with the course and Bucks. I just knew it was the place I wanted to be!


After submitting my application, I continued to research what the university had to offer, aside from my chosen course. I found out that every student is automatically a part of the Bucks Big Deal. This means that all events and workshops are free for all students to enjoy and Bucks are the only university in the UK to offer it!

Having graduated this year, I am glad to have chosen this path. The amount of knowledge and skills I have gained from Bucks has developed me into a much more confident person. My university experience has been better than I could have ever imagined!