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The importance of open days

The importance of open days

I remember when I went to Buckinghamshire New University for my Open Day. I drove up from Bournemouth with my aunt with the idea that I didn’t want to go to university and that I was only going along to please my parents.

On the day, I met my future psychology lecturers. I learnt there was a lot more to psychology than I could find in an A Level textbook. I went to a taster session where lecturers talked about what the psychology courses at Bucks involve as well as a tour of all the facilities at the High Wycombe campus. Although it’s a small university, Bucks had everything I needed for my degree and more. From there, I was excited that I may get to go to university after all!

    What did I do on an open day?

    I went on a tour around two of the three halls of residence (Brook Street, Hughenden Village and Windsor House). I got to see Brook Street which is where I’ve been living for the past three years. I also toured the psychology department and saw the facilities there as well as the cafesgymstudioslibrary and other facilities across the university that students can use in their time at the university. Due to COVID, the open days are having to happen online at the moment with virtual talks and tours being offered, as well as the chance to talk to lecturers and current students to see what the university is like.

    Accommodation at Bucks
    Applicant Visit Days

    When I went for my Applicant Visit Day, I got to know my future lecturers and what they specialised in. We all got to see an aspect of the course we had chosen, for me it was geographical profiling and how to use it to catch a criminal – it was really interesting! I also got to see elements of developmental psychology and how different cultures prioritise different skills and how it affects motor development. After my session, I was able to talk with some of the lecturers and got to ask more questions I had about the course.

      What did I do on an applicant visit day?

      At an Applicant Visit Day, you’ll get a taster of what the lectures and seminars are like too which is handy because you really get a feel for what studying at Bucks would be life.

      After three years at Bucks, I still remember the days I visited because of how enjoyable they were. I’ve also now worked on both these days, welcoming prospective students as an Ambassador of the university so I get to share my experience with visitors, just like I was! I get to see potential students from different backgrounds discover exciting options for their future. I also love being able to show off the university I love so much.

        What would my advice be?

        My advice for anyone considering university, whether it’s Bucks or elsewhere, is to go to all the open days you can – it’s the best way to see if that university is the right one for you.

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