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Five reasons why I chose BNU

Five reasons why I chose BNU


My name is Shannon, and I’m a third year BA (Hons) Performing Arts (Film, TV and Stage) student.

Choosing a uni can be really difficult, so I’ve gone into a few reasons why I chose BNU in the hope that this may help you!

If you have any further questions about Performing Arts or uni life in general, you can chat to me here!

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The Big Deal 

The Big Deal is part of Bucks Student’s Union. It includes trips and workshops, as well as all of the events put on by the SU, which are all FREE! Some of my best memories have been made there (and I’m not just talking about nights out, but they are good too!). The SU is such a big part of anyone's uni experience, and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of BNU!


BNU has so many societies on offer. From Musical Theatre (MT) to snow sock, there’s definitely something for everyone. I joined MT in my second year, and have really enjoyed it.

I’m not the best singer or dancer, and will never forget when I fell over in one of the masterclasses! But none of that mattered. MT has been so much fun and allowed me to make new friends and build on my (sometimes debatable) skills!

Performing Arts
My audition day

I’ll be honest, before I came for my audition, I wasn’t sure if BNU was the place for me. I had applied with the ‘we’ll see how it goes’ attitude. However my audition went so much better than I expected and I had a tour of the campus and instantly fell in love with BNU and the facilities. Everyone was so lovely and welcoming. It just proves that sometimes you have to give things a go!

Independent production

In third year, you do an independent production module, where you create your own production company and make a theatre show or film. I saw this on the module list and was immediately interested; I’ve never seen a university offer this before, which definitely made this course more appealing to me. 


70% practical

I always knew I wanted to do a practical course, so when I found out that the BA (Hons) Performing Arts (Film, TV and Stage) degree was 70% practical and 30% written, I was instantly keen to apply. I love that you’re mostly graded on your practical work. I never got on well with written exams at school, so this course just seemed to fit!

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