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College vs University - What’s the difference?

College vs University - What’s the difference?

At BNU you’ll meet new people, learn new things both inside the classroom and outside, while making amazing friends, memories and mapping out the rest of your life.

There may be some uncertainty for you around how University is going to differ to college. You could be sat there thinking that University is going to be more difficult than college, and you might not be able to cope. I’ll be answering some of your queries today. 

The way of life

When you are at college, like most people, you are still living at home with your family. You may also still be surrounded by the same childhood friends you went to secondary and even primary school with. Apart from being able to pick a few subjects at college or sixth form and not wearing a school uniform, not much has actually changed. So coming to university is going to be a big change towards independent living.

When you start university you could be moving away from your home, and if you are that means a new town or city, new accommodation and even moving in with a new group of people that will become your friends. It can be daunting thinking about all the changes you are going to face but don’t panic, uni can be the best years of your life and if needs be there is plenty of support to help you settle in.

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The independency

So, like I said before, you’re no longer living at home with your family. You’ve got to cook, clean, change your bed, shop and do pretty much everything else yourself…Eek! Don’t panic.

If you’re reading this before starting at University, try and learn some things around the house before you move out. Like doing the washing, cleaning or even learning to cook a few meals. This new ‘adult life’ is all about doing things for yourself and gaining more responsibility. That’s why it’s so different to college. University isn’t just a course, it’s a way of life, full of socialising, living with people for the first time, doing fun things, attending University activities and becoming independent!

At BNU You’ll meet new people, learn new things both inside the classroom and outside, while making amazing friends, memories and mapping out the rest of your life. If you have any questions, please contact one of our Digital Ambassadors on the website chat function.

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The work

Now, you may be thinking uni work is all essays and late nights at the library, however if you plan your workload, then it is pretty manageable, and also sometimes fun.

Although you select the subjects you want to do in college, University involves you choosing your speciality. Because of this, the work you do, whether it be assignments, work placements, presentations or even exams, are more enjoyable.

Also, although you’ll most likely be studying with a year full of presentations and assignments, you most likely won’t get given homework as your projects are the thing you are working towards. Although this means you have to schedule and manage your time independently, it actually helps and gives you responsibility for your career and life ahead of you, in other words, lecturers here at BNU are not only teachers but your support who you can call by their first name.