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Tsering Dickee


Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in 2019, I worked in mainly in intensive care units specialising in trauma, vascular and general ICU. I have also worked briefly in A&E, nursing homes and in the education department supporting student learning in placements.

I studied for my BSc Nursing at M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Nursing and Research, India and Critical Care Course at University of West London.  My research interests are mainly on enhancing pharmacology knowledge and understanding the link that pharmacology has to physiology. More and more nurses take on independent prescribing roles and, to align with NMC requirement for our students to be prescriber ready, it is ever more important to explore the challenges learners face in pharmacology and its application.

I am a member of HEA and Royal College of Nursing.

My specialist knowledge has led me to develop a student progressive pharmacology workbook which I am currently leading to enhance learners’ knowledge, understanding, and application. This will ensure that the student is able to link the physiology and importantly relate this to how this knowledge impacts their clinical judgement.