Staff Profile

Head and shoulders shot of a smiling Richard Jones wearing a pink shirt stood in front of a grey wall looking into the camera

Richard Jones


My experience includes working in the computing sector as a technical architect and UK Technical Director for a leading computing development company. My early research career was with the National Foundation for Cancer Research being involved with the forerunner of the SEBER Cancer Treatment System. I enjoyed working on unique projects often using leading edge technologies solving complex problems and helping clients to achieve their goals.

I headed departments at schools, colleges and universities. Where my educational leadership has been recognised by receiving Nuffield Centre of Excellence, National Beacon and University Senior Teaching Fellowship awards for my innovative teaching, research and leadership.

My higher education studies were undertaken at the University of Wales and Keel University. My current work is in the field of artificial intelligence which I feel offers a wide range of opportunities to experience many interesting aspects of modern computer science.

I am passionate about improving teaching and my currently research is in the area of digital-learning and learning technologies. My specialist knowledge has provided me with opportunities to contribute to the future direction of digital learning technology both nationally and internationally. I have been involved with international computing companies, such as Microsoft and on national research projects for UK national bodies, JISC and HEA. I have been fortunate to work with eminent researchers and Nobel prize winners.

To date my career highlights are working with amazing students, wonderful colleagues and being awarded a UK National Teaching Fellowship for my contribution to education in supporting students and educationalists to achieve their aspirations.

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