Staff Profile

A head and shoulders shot of a smiling Ravina Eunhye Huh standing in front of trees looking directly into the camera

Dr Ravina Huh


Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in 2018, I was working as a Research Associate and University Teacher in the Sports Biomechanics and Motor Control Research Group at Loughborough University.

I studied for my PhD in Sports Biomechanics and Motor Control at Loughborough University, where I conducted research into dance balance characteristics, related positions and shoe types which contribute to dance performance. Before coming to the UK, I also completed Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Physical Education and Sports Science at Chung-Nam National University (South Korea).

My specialist knowledge has led me to work with a world-leading sportswear company on a research project looking at the behaviour of sports bras and sportswear on the human body, aiming to help women enjoy various activities and focus on their sports performance without pain or discomfort.

I am interested in dance, balance and motor control related research, as well as dance shoe, sportswear, taekwondo, gymnastics, rhythmical gymnastics, fitness programmes and fitness garment related research.

I am a member of HEA and I am currently registered with the Academic Professional Apprenticeship programme.