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miles skarin

Miles Skarin


I joined Buckinghamshire New University in 2018, to provide teaching for Compositing, Motion Graphics and third-year project support. Currently I am teaching on the Animation, Visual Effects and Photography courses, focusing on Cinematography, Lighting, Compositing and Motion Graphics. Outside of my work with Buckinghamshire New University, I run a creative studio, Crystal Spotlight, where we work with musicians and bands to provide high quality video production, website design and social media marketing.

As a generalist in the animation and visual effects field, I have a keen interest in all parts of the production pipeline. Running a creative studio in the music industry allows me to give an alternative perspective to producing animation and visual effects, by focusing on delivering a quality product but also producing work in very tight timeframes as is required with music video projects.

My work with Crystal Spotlight has led me to work with many well-known artists, such as Steven Wilson, Andy Burrows, Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, Devin Townsend and more. My work has been viewed millions of times online and broadcast on TV. A recent career highlight has been working with musician Steven Wilson on the visuals of his recent album “THE FUTURE BITES”.