Staff Profile

Head and shoulders shot of a smiling Gail Rowntree wearing glasses in black and white

Gail Rowntree


Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in 2020 (having previously worked for the University between 2010 and 2016), I was Vice President of Humanitarian Response, Training and Planning for a mass fatality disaster organisation. I have worked in aviation crisis management for 20 years since leaving British Airways as Cabin Crew. I have responded to 36 international incidents for a variety of employers and clients as a First Responder.

I studied for my MSc (OPP) at Kings College, London and my specialist area of interest is trauma psychology and aviation disaster management. It is interesting because I have attended so many incidents as either the Senior Incident Director and/or the Head of Mental Health and I have gained a great deal of real life field experience that I am able to share to my students in terms of best practice and case studies. This makes my teaching come alive and I can offer real stories to answer their questions.

I am a member of The Emergency Planning Society. I am a Fellow of the CIPD and the HEA.

My specialist knowledge has led me to work with a variety of organisations such as: Kenyon International Emergency Services and Go Crisis, as well as having my own consultancy to support private clients. During my previous employment I have responded to projects such as: Thailand Tsunami, Helios crash, Germanwings crash, BA 038, shootings at Suisse

My greatest accolade to date is writing the disaster management element of the UK national paramedic curriculum.