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Dr Carlo Lusuardi


Before joining the Department of Computing at Buckinghamshire New University in 2010, I was a lecturer in foreign languages at the Buckinghamshire Business School.  Prior to this, I also taught languages at the University of Westminster, taught modern foreign languages in a secondary school and worked as a translator and interpreter. I am a linguist by training and by inclination. However, most of my teaching now is programming or artificial intelligence (AI)-related.  I currently lead the BSc in AI and teach on a number of its modules.

I studied for my PhD in Computational Linguistics at the Centre for Computational Linguistics in Manchester where I developed my interest in language, learning and critical thinking in HE on the one hand and artificial intelligence, i.e. machine learning on the other.  This has led me to produce a number of papers with colleagues covering a range of related ideas including: the relationship between teaching artificial intelligence and natural language; potential predictors of success in computer programming; security challenges faced by distributed e-learning systems.  Most recently, I looked at the role of employability in HE. 

View my Research Repository here.