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Operating Department Practice

Operating Department Practice

Operating department practice (ODP) is physically and emotionally hard work. Practitioners need technical and practical skills, but also excellent communication and management ability. Working in a complex care environment, they play an invaluable role in helping patients through vulnerable times in their lives.

Our diverse teaching and state-of-the-art simulation facilities, combined with NHS clinical placement opportunities, allow you to gain the skills you need to become a confident operating department practitioner. We have a long history of training ODPs and giving them the knowledge and practice-based experience they need to provide excellent support in theatre. 98% of our students are in employment or in further study six months after graduating (HESA 2020), a lot of the time by the hospitals that they worked with during their time at the University.

The UK Government are continuing to provide all ODP students with a payment of at least £5,000 a year which will not need to be paid back. Find out more about the NHS Learning Support Fund.

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Operating Department Practice students working
Foundation Year
BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice with Foundation Year
Operating Department Practice student working
BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice

You will benefit from an excellent standard of teaching provided by staff from the University and practice, in partnership with our NHS Trust partners. Our lecturers have a high-level of expertise and continue to maintain close links with practice, ensuring that the programme is up-to-date. 

Students are also supported with state-of-the-art simulation facilities on campus to hone their skills and get ready for practice. We use simulation manikins programmed to act like humans, and ‘moulage’ – the process of applying mock (and often gorily lifelike) injuries for training purposes. We also engage service users in role-play sessions allowing us to create realistic scenarios where students get can get feedback to boost their confidence before going out on placement.

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Clinical placements

We work closely with a number of NHS Trusts in the region to provide students with clinical placements in hospitals. Throughout their time on placement, students are exposed to a diverse range of learning experiences supported by practice supervisors, practitioners and practice visitors. 

View the full list of partners we work with here.

Operating Department Practice students working
The course prepared me extremely well for work as an Operating Department Practitioner. The lecturers are extremely passionate about the course and this even extends to regular visits when you are out in practice, which you have to do as part of the degree.
Faye Kennett
Faye Kennett